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What can you expect from your home yoga experience?

I will guide you through an intentional and carefully constructed sequence to bring you into a deeper awareness of your breath, body, and self. Every part of class is optional. I give you permission to show up exactly as you are, even if this means you lie down the whole class. Sometimes just coming is practice enough.


I offer you an experience that provides opportunities to learn, to direct your attention to yourself, to practice skills of mindfulness and awareness.

What can YOU do to optimize your own experience?

Learning a practice like yoga through a screen has its challenges. It takes time to figure out where you want to place your screen, how loud you want the volume to be, whether or not you'd like to keep your video on or off. Give yourself time and permission to figure this out.

Many people are spending most of their time at home, and it can be hard to create boundaries of time and space. Take some time to consider your environment. What sounds help you know that it's time to give your attention to your yoga practice? Consider lighting, clutter level, presence of your phone/ iWatch/ clock, What do you have planned before and after? How can you set yourself up for success? 

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